SAP CAR POS Data Transfer and Audit (POSDTA)

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Multi-Channel Data Collection
CAR POSDTA collects transaction data from retail point of sale (POS) in real-time. This provides retailers with the ability to quickly analyze critical information such as sales performance, inventory status, and customer purchasing habits.
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Integration and Compatibility
CAR POSDTA transfers sales data, financial transaction data, and material movement data to SAP ERP. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with other SAP modules and third-party systems, along with the ability to provide POS data for different analytical components.
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Sales Audit and Data Verification
The Point of Sale Transaction Engine (PIPE) within the system verifies collected POS data against the master data, conducts sales audits, and performs various checks to identify potential errors or inconsistencies. This ensures data integrity and enhances the efficiency of business processes.

CAR POS Data Transfer and Audit (POSDTA)

CAR POS Data Transfer and Audit (POSDTA) refers to the collection of Point of Sale (POS) transaction data from stores. POS transaction data is stored as transaction logs (TLOG) and processed by the Point of Sale Data Processing Engine (PIPE).

PIPE performs various operations on the received POS transactions, including master data validation, sales auditing, summarizing POS transaction data, and sending it to downstream applications.

In cases where store segmentation is used, not every store can sell every product. Therefore, it is necessary to manage which products are sold in which stores or which products are prohibited in certain stores. To control these processes, the listing method comes into play. With the listing method, a product that was once listed can later be prohibited. Additionally, a product that is prohibited for a store may be returned to the store as a return.

Some of the advantages of the listing method are as follows:

  • Data Collection : Collect and process transactions sent from stores using PIPE.
  • Master Data Verification : PIPE validates POS transactions against the master data available in an SAP ERP system.
  • Auditing : PIPE conducts checks for Duplicate Transaction Numbers, gaps in receipt numbers, balanced sales and tender totals, comparison of receipt data against cash in the drawer, and credit card data.
  • Sales Auditing : Includes POS Workbench to perform sales auditing activities.
  • Data Summary : Obtain POS data summaries.
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SAP S/4Hana Retail Integration

In CAR POSDTA, sales data, financial transaction data, and material movement data are transferred to SAP S4/HANA using IDocs.

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SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

POS Analytics, Trade Foundation Analytics, and Loss Prevention Analytics can be provided for different analytical components.

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Other SAP Applications

CAR POSDTA, SAP Forecasting and Replenishment, SAP Workforce Management, SAP Demand Management Foundation, and even external credit card payment applications can receive POS transaction data.

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Integration with CRM Systems

SAP CAR POSDTA can associate customer numbers with POS transactions if customer data is available from systems like SAP CRM or other third-party CRM systems

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