We have successfully completed Mavi Jeans' SAP S/4Hana Fashion and Vertical Business (FMS) project in America and Canada.

Mavi Jeans, a leading brand in the global fashion industry, has taken a significant step in its digital transformation journey by successfully implementing the SAP S/4Hana Fashion and Vertical Business (FMS) project. This project, conducted in partnership with NTT Data, aimed to enhance the company's efficiency and enrich the customer experience

The first phase of the project involved a detailed analysis of Mavi Jeans' existing business processes. This analysis laid the groundwork for customizing SAP S/4Hana to meet the unique needs of Mavi Jeans. Key processes such as e-commerce, supply chain management, and customer relationship management were prioritized


  • Digitize Mavi Jeans' business processes
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve customer experience

Key Technology:

  • SAP S/4Hana Fashion and Vertical Business (FMS).

Project Planning

1. Business Process Analysis:
Detailed analysis of existing processes to identify areas for improvement.

2. Strategic Planningtratejik Planlama:
Focusing on e-commerce, supply chain, inventory management, and CRM processes.

3. Customization and Integrationzelleştirme ve Entegrasyon:
Tailoring SAP S/4Hana to meet the specific needs of Mavi Jeans.


Technological Transformation

Real-Time Data Processing:
Instant monitoring of stock levels and sales data.

Automated Reordering Systems:
Concentrating on e-commerce, supply chain, inventory management, and CRM processes.

Dynamic Pricinginamik Fiyatlandırma:
Adjusting pricing strategies according to market demand.


Customer Experience

Personalized Shopping
Offering recommendations based on customer preferences and past purchases.

Enhanced Customer Services
Data-driven support for fast and effective customer service.


Operational Efficiency

Cost Reduction
Lowering costs through effective stock management and process automation.

Sales Increase
Boosting sales with data-driven decisions and customer-focused strategies.


Results and Impacts

Operational Efficiency

1. Operational Efficienc
Significant improvements in business processes.

2. Customer Satisfaction
Notable increase in customer experience.

3. Innovative Approach
Transition to a business model open to technological innovation.


Future Plans

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Integrating AI into business processes for significant improvements.

Continuous Improvement
Continually improving by following technological innovation.


With the completion of the project, Mavi Jeans has significantly increased its operational efficiency. Based on this success, the company plans to integrate new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through this, Mavi Jeans aims to further strengthen its innovative and leading position in the industry.