What is SAP SPP (Spare Parts Planning)? What are its advantages?


SAP SPP (SAP Supplier Relationship Management), is a procurement and planning solution designed to optimize material demands, supply processes, procurement planning, inventory management, and relationships with suppliers in businesses. This solution provides procurement and planning capabilities developed to enable businesses to make more accurate decisions and facilitate healthier progress in supply chain planning..

SAP SPP can be used within the framework of comprehensive resource planning or as a standalone solution. It was particularly developed in 2001 for planning service parts, and its usability expanded with features developed starting from 2005. It supports supply processes such as forecasting demands, optimizing inventory stages, and distribution and production planning in enterprises. Thus, businesses can respond to demands much faster and reduce inventory costs, thereby increasing the level of service activities offered to customers.

What is SAP SPP Used For?

SPP, which stands for Service Parts Planning, provides specialized planning functions for service parts and a healthy usage network throughout the supply process from the moment a demand arises to the delivery of the product. Planning for service parts is carried out in distribution structures for all locations owned by the business.

During SPP planning, all the characteristics of each product are taken into account, and planning is done accordingly. For example, it considers the areas where a product is needed, the speed of supply offered to these areas, and the sales behavior of the product.

What are the Advantages of SAP SPP?

The use of SAP SPP offers some advantages for businesses:

  • With SAP SPP, businesses can easily make decisions such as forecast-based service parts planning for each product or reordering parts.
  • In period-based usage, a product is created based on past indicators and sales values. Thus, businesses can distinguish between products with steady demand in the market, products demanded at intervals, or products demanded seasonally.
  • SPP usage automates many processes in the supply chain. This reduces order or stocking costs and decreases delivery times and expenses.


  • SAP SPP contributes to functions such as managing supplier relationships, tracking procurement processes for material sourcing, and controlling costs related to procurement. This makes communication with suppliers more effective in businesses and minimizes costs in the supply chain.
  • SAP Spare Parts Planning, which can also integrate with other SAP systems such as, offers a more efficient procurement process experience. It also enables the centralized management and control of multiple activities related to procurement processes.

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SPP Expansion?

The abbreviation SAP SPP stands for Supply Chain Planning and Procurement. This abbreviation refers to the procurement and supply solutions provided by SAP. The aim of the system is to contribute to the management of both procurement and supply in businesses.

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Move Your Business Forward with SAP SPP Consulting

In today's competitive environment, the success of businesses is closely tied to effective supply chain management and optimized procurement processes. SAP SPP consulting strengthens procurement processes in businesses. SAP SPP plays a significant role in preparing businesses for the future, and with expert consultants in the field, it is possible to enhance these processes. At Skalla Bilişim, we offer solutions for optimizing your business's procurement and supply processes, leveraging our expertise and experience.

With SPP consulting;

  • Taking the right steps according to your business needs and providing guidance in procurement and sales processes is possible.
  • By implementing the strategies provided to you, you can strengthen your relationships with suppliers, reduce procurement costs, and operate more successfully and optimally.
  • With the SAP SPP module, which is compatible with other SAP systems, you can ensure data integrity.

You can also partner with us to strengthen supply chain and procurement management in your business and gain a competitive advantage. With SAP SPP consulting, you can propel your business into the future.