What is SAP Fiori? What is its Purpose? SAP Fiori Consultancy


SAP Fiori is a user experience offered by SAP, allowing you to redesign classic SAP screens in a much more modern format, compatible with all devices. Essentially, Fiori is a type of interface introduced by SAP to keep up with the pace of digital transformation and to transform and simplify user experiences.

SAP Fiori module can be utilized with different technologies, and currently, SAPUI5 technology is commonly used in Fiori applications provided to users as standard. Fiori stands out as a modern application offering role-based or personalized user experiences for all devices, business units, and tasks. It uses tiles for standard tasks such as approving timelines and viewing sales orders. Based on user inputs, SAP Fiori provides convenience and simplicity in terms of usage.

What is SAP Fiori Used For?

SAP Fiori provides a user-friendly and modern interface and experience. Overall, it has a significant impact on optimizing workflows and increasing productivity in business operations. The primary goal of SAP Fiori design is to make SAP applications web-based, user-friendly, and mobile-compatible.

What are the Advantages of SAP Fiori?

The advantages of SAP Fiori can be listed as follows:

  • It has a wide range of applications for businesses. It is more user-friendly and modern compared to traditional SAP applications.
  • The use of Fiori interfaces increases work efficiency compared to previous SAP interfaces due to their easier usability.
  • The Fiori interface essentially operates on the SAP logic, providing convenience even for those who are not SAP experts.
  • Fiori usage provides convenience on mobile devices as well. Due to its simple design, working with this system on touch screens is quite comfortable. The design and interface are consistent, thus offering the same ease of use regardless of the device.
  • Fiori is optimized for the execution of SAP workflows. It offers a more modern working experience and enables more efficient utilization of SAP applications.
  • The Fiori interface is standardized and consistent, making it easier for employees to learn new tasks. Once users become proficient with Fiori, they can apply their knowledge to other applications as well.

What is SAP Fiori Launchpad?

SAP Fiori Launchpad, also known as the Fiori launch panel in Turkish, serves as a central tool for viewing, managing, and launching applications. It contains applications specific to SAP Fiori and provides services such as personalization configuration.

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What is SAP Fiori Consultancy?

SAP Fiori consultancy hhas become important for companies in terms of both speed and ease of use. Consultants customize and develop Fiori applications that meet ERP requirements in companies. With Skalla's SAP Fiori consultants, you can get detailed information and contact us to make your company's processes more efficient.

What is SAP Fiori Consultancy?

The programming language used in SAP Fiori development is JavaScript. This programming language is used for all processes executed within Fiori. After learning the system, the programming language can be easily used within the application.

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SAP Fiori Training

SSAP Fiori training is provided comprehensively by Skalla trainers. With this training, it is possible to make the processes of your employees in your company more efficient. In this training, the usage of the Fiori interface is explained in a practical manner. After learning the basic details, one can become much more proficient in using the SAP system. During this training, which provides detailed information about SAP Fiori, it is also possible to learn and use programming languages and other details of the program.

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