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Success Stories
We have successfully completed Mavi Jeans' SAP S/4Hana Fashion and Vertical Business (FMS) project in America and Canada.

Mavi Jeans, a leading brand in the global fashion industry, has taken a significant step in its digital transformation journey by successfully implementing the SAP S/4Hana Fashion and Vertical Business (FMS) project. This project, conducted in partnership with NTT Data, aimed to enhance the company...

Araz Market's SAP S/4 HANA Retail project successfully launched, marking a significant achievement in the retail industry.

The project, a collaboration between Skalla and Vektora, was successfully launched, marking a significant achievement in the retail industry in Azerbaijan.

This project involved the implementation and consultancy services for SAP Retail, SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR), and SAP Forecast and Replenishment (F&R) modules. ...

BİM's SAP S/4 Hana Retail Project: A Successful Brownfield Transformation in Collaboration with Vektora

In the highly competitive Turkish retail sector, BİM stands out with its significant market share. The recent success of BİM's SAP S/4 Hana Retail project, implemented in collaboration with our solution partner, Vektora, using the Brownfield approach, showcases a remar...


Who We Are?

As Skalla Solutions, we are at your side for more than 15 years of SAP consulting experience with innovative and lasting solutions.

Who We Are?

Over 15 years experience in SAP consulting.


Dynamic and friendly colleagues.


We are focused on results so as to produce permanent solutions that will eliminate the main causes of the problems you are experiencing.


We complete the project during the planned project period and document the processes we have developed and make it permanent.


Retail Solutions
Retail Solutions
Forecasting & Replenishment
Campaing Management
InterCompany Process
Indirect Purchase
Vendor Price Difference
Procurement and Purchasing Processes
Store Product Listing / Ban
Consingment Process
Progress Payment / Turnover Bonus
Fresh Food Process

Skalla Business Solutions: SAP Consulting

The service offered to examine and monitor business processes, identify errors and develop solutions to these problems is provided within the scope of SAP consultancy. SAP consulting services include analyzing, monitoring, detecting, and solving issues in company processes. A SAP consultant maintains the firm's balance and professionally trains the staff. Firms that opt for SAP consulting benefit from analyzed, structured, and optimized business processes, reduced costs, increased productivity, seamless SAP system integration, and expert training for employees:

  • Analysis, structuring and subsequent optimization of business processes.
  • Efforts to reduce costs while maximizing productivity.
  • Seamless integration of SAP systems into businesses
  • Training of company personnel by experts, enhancing company performance.

Support for SAP software can be obtained to tailor its use according to specific needs and objectives. SAP ERP, the enterprise resource planning software, can be optimized for a company's specific requirements, enhancing processes and efficiencies. In Turkey, SAP consulting firms are available, offering both on-site and remote support options, making it convenient for businesses in major cities like Istanbul and Ankara to access these services.

What are the Services Offered within the Scope of SAP Consultancy?

Skalla Business Solutions specializes in transitioning from SAP ECC and SAP R/3 to SAP S/4HANA, including RISE with SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementations. They offer comprehensive consulting services in sector-specific solutions like SAP S/4HANA Retail, SAP S/4HANA Fashion Vertical Business (FMS), SAP Omnichannel Applications, and SAP Forecast and Planning. Additionally, they provide SAP Application and Support Services (AMS) to ensure systems continuously meet changing needs, offering uninterrupted service to clients.

Why Should SAP Consultancy Be Preferred?

Skalla, offers innovative SAP consulting services, including transitioning from SAP ECC and SAP R/3 systems to SAP S/4Hana, RISE with SAP S/4Hana, and SAP S/4Hana Cloud implementations. They have over 15 years of experience in providing consultancy in sector-specific solutions such as SAP S/4HANA Retail, SAP S/4HANA Fashion Vertical Business (FMS), SAP Omnichannel Applications, and SAP Forecast and Planning. Additionally, they provide SAP Application and Support Services (AMS) to ensure continuous adaptation of systems to evolving business needs.

How to Achieve Digital Transformation with SAP?

SAP's innovative approach supports digital transformation, enabling continuous business development and competitive advantage. SAP S/4HANA offers flexible, scalable, fast, and effective solutions, catering to businesses' growth and change needs. Additionally, SAP Roll-out solutions simplify multinational companies' compliance with legal requirements in various countries while allowing customization to local market needs.

What Solutions Are Provided by SAP Consulting?

SAP consulting services facilitate companies' digital transformation journey by implementing end-to-end SAP S/4Hana solutions, optimizing business processes, and ensuring continuity of technological infrastructure. These services include integrating current business processes with SAP S/4Hana solutions and developing tailored solutions for unique company processes. Additionally, SAP Application and Support Services (AMS) provide necessary maintenance and support to keep systems operational continuously.

What Benefits Does SAP Module Consultancy Provide?

SAP module consulting assists businesses in implementing SAP projects, thereby initiating SAP usage. This process involves optimizing business processes, enhancing integration, and contributing to cost control through proper configuration. It also includes providing user training and support, facilitating the transition to current technologies, and offering customized reporting and analysis capabilities, which digitalize decision support processes.

What are the Duties of SAP Consultants?

SAP consultants generally have the following responsibilities:

  • Identifying, finding, and integrating SAP solutions tailored to each business's needs.
  • Managing and implementing SAP projects.
  • Integrating SAP systems with corporate applications.
  • Maintaining existing SAP systems and providing customer support.
  • Delivering in-house training for effective use of SAP modules.

What Services Are Offered Within the Scope of SAP Application and Support Services (AMS)?

Skalla's SAP Application and Support Services (AMS) resolve users' system issues and develop SAP solutions for new business requirements. They conduct regular system maintenance, offer troubleshooting, and provide technical support. Additionally, they perform monitoring and improvement of SAP application performance. SAP AMS ensures that SAP systems are consistently up-to-date, effective, and usable, thereby aiding businesses in maximizing the benefits from SAP solutions.

Other Details About SAP Consultancy

The scope of SAP consulting is extensive, encompassing module consulting, on-site or remote support for projects and processes, certification, training, and integration support. It includes software development, module and basis team leadership, and SAP consultants. The focus is on customer satisfaction through tailored software solutions and module-based technical support. The service scope in SAP consulting can be categorized into various segments to meet diverse business needs.

The scope of SAP consulting services includes:

  • SAP Application and Support Services (AMS) support
  • System integration support
  • Support in project and process management
  • On-site support
  • Remote support
  • Training and documentation
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) support
  • Module consultancy

Due to SAP's modular structure, it allows for various combinations to work together, and consultancy can be provided for selecting modules based on company needs. Specific modules have designated consultancy services:

  • Basis Consulting: Basis is the primary module that manages the SAP system, providing the infrastructure platform necessary for the integration of other SAP modules.
  • ABAP Consulting: ABAP, a fourth-generation programming language used for internal customizations within SAP, is applicable in the SAP ERP context for development tailored to company needs.
  • Fiori Consulting: Fiori customizes the classic interfaces used in SAP for various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, allowing for different designs and layouts.

Take Your Business to the Future with SAP Consultancy

SAP consulting emerged from the need to professionally integrate and manage SAP software in modern business management, aiding growth by solving process complexities.

SAP, a leading enterprise resource planning software, is part of a globally renowned software company. It fundamentally coordinates all units within a company, preventing data loss. SAP eliminates traditional business issues like data duplication, loss, and synchronization errors, thus increasing employee efficiency.

Users can fully leverage SAP through consulting, which aids in module selection, integration, training for updates, and strategic solutions tailored to business structures. It's ideal for firms seeking guidance on module usage, integration, and employee training, leading to cost reduction, time savings, and optimized workflows.